Coed Ffest Vision

Our vision for Coed Ffest is a unique mini festival, a camp style gathering in the beautiful location of Coed, South Wales.

 This Summer Solstice ffest (welsh for fest) will tap into the gifts from the land, sharing knowledge about growing and foraging, learning traditional crafts, restoring vitality through well-being workshops, performing, dancing and simply being together.

From awesome music acts, site specific theatre, poetry, permaculture walks and talks, well-being workshops and amazing food, this festival will bring you the abundance we have to offer.

This gathering is created by the Coed Community who live on site, and the land so lovingly tended over the past 26 years.

This ffest is aiming to showcase sustainable ways of living on and off the land, minimalistic lifestyles, regenerative food culture, and living in harmony with both our human community and ecological community.

This ffest is for those who want something a little bit different, are daring enough to try something new, and are excited about the intersection between where celebration, community and ecology meet.

This gathering is a not-for profit gathering supported by the Ediculture Charity, an educational trust dedicated to providing opportunities and experiences around local food, and increasing the capacity of the local food network. All proceeds from the gathering will go into supporting food growing projects and action-based ecological restoration.

This year 2024 our evolving theme is: Our mycelial ancestors.

What is the relationship between mycelium and ancestors? What role do mycelium play in our personal relationship with our ancestors and can we communicate with our ancestors through the mycelial networks surrounding us?