Healing and Well-being

Well-being, healing and self development are a core part of what it means to thrive in a healthy community. We feel that ALL of what we do at this festival is a part of healing an well-being. The food we eat, the songs we sing, the dances we dance, the ways we grow connections with one another.

Coed Ffest is all about healing and well-being…

For practicalities we have categorised these specific areas which aim to enrich and expand upon all the other core offerings at this ffest.

Yoga Classes

Enjoy practicing this form of bodywork which helps us to feel lighter, calmer and more connected to all of life and be more present.

Hatha classes will held by Iona Hannagan-Lewis and Kundalini will be taught by Ali in the Zen Tent

Morning Qigong

Qi Gong (pronounced ‘Chee Gong’) greatly inspires us to connect to the energies around.

This bodywork helps with releasing stuck or heavy Qi (energy) from your body, making space for the fresh, bright life force energy to flow with ease.

Classes will be held by Emma in the Zen Tent.


Sit back and enjoy this journey of frequency with Carolyn Coles in the Zen Tent.

Family Constellations

A unique opportunity to experience the power of family constellation therapy. This workshop is for 18 years + and those with the desire and courage to know themselves more deeply. Read more about this workshop with Daf St Clare in the Medi Room.

Dispachio Ceremony

Join Emma for a beautiful dispachio ceremony collecting flowers, leaves, grass, seeds from the land to create personal mandalas filled with your, prayers, gratitude and intentions wrapped in brown paper and string and offered as a blessing to the fire!

Suitable for adults and children 6 and over.

Read more about Emma Blake Jones.

The Skep Kollective

The Skep Collective will be bringing us more ceremonial work this time in our new Dreaming Space.

They will be bringing a guided journey to the ancestors, and a meeting the self in nature.

Find out more: Skep collective

Past life Explorations & Hypnotherapy

Gareth Jones is a Channel, Healer, Soul Whisperer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression practitioner with over 15 years experience in space holding and retreat work. Gareth is a pillar of integrity and wisdom with a soul connection to the Ascended Masters and Rainbow Dragons.

Body Care Space

Find a huge range of offerings from our one to one therapists, from – Aromatherapy Massage – Holistic Massage – Remedial Massage  – Reflexology – Reiki – Integrative bodywork – Womb healing – Somatic embodied processing and massage. To find out more about our therapists go here – Body Care Space