Talks and Entertainment

We will be having story telling from Cath Little and Bevin Magama, plus a few key talks in the barn about community, the history of Coed, open discussions on sustainability and land based living.


Cath Little

Cath helps run the Cardiff Storytelling Circle and curates their seasonal concerts, Tales for the Turning Year. She tells and listens to stories at Oasis, a Cardiff Charity which offers a warm Welsh welcome to refugees and asylum seekers. Cath is a mentor for Riverside Young Storytellers, helping to give young people in her community the confidence to imagine and speak out for themselves. #TogetherLandStories

Cath keeps busy sharing stories in schools, libraries, museums, castles, cafes and fields. She has performed at clubs and festivals across Britain and Ireland and is the author of Glamorgan Folk Tales for Children.

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Bevin Magama

Bevin Magama is a professional storyteller and writer. He travels extensively all over the UK conducting themed storytelling workshops and performances. In schools, his creative practice is renowned for being fun, building confidence, improving literacy and oracy. In workplaces, Bevin has vast experience of conducting themed workshops which use storytelling to challenge bullying in workplaces, conflict resolution, and wellbeing. 

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Joanna Bond provides a safe space to explore all thoughts and feelings relating to motherhood through journaling.

MC is part of a movement to support and empower, sharing creative tools and techniques including the award-winning Maternal journal template and Mother Nature Cards. Principles inspired by nature, accompanied by beautiful artwork designed to help us reflect and share.

Child-friendly (children play while we journal) however this is also a great opportunity for some “me time” and can bring up strong emotions for which you may desire space to process.


Rawley Clay, Son of Bill and Gill Clay, was born at Coed and has spent most of his life living in and around Coed Hills. He is the founder of Coed Rural Art Space, and the main driver behind the entire vision of Coed. Without Rawley there would simply be no Coed! He will be giving a bit of history behind the establishment of Coed and opening up to questions and answers.


John Whitehead, long term friend and part time resident of Coed will be sharing his visions of The bottgea project.

The Bottega Project aims to generate a model for change to a sustainable, compassionate way of life at a city scale.

It works on a joined up thinking, whole systems basis, , driven by conversations and collaboration at a community level.

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Our resident and Star of Organization Mathu Bloom will be giving a demonstration on minimalist life-style and how it ties in to living at Coed. She will be inviting you into her tiny house, the Blooming Bubble and showing you how to live abundantly in a tiny space!


Join James O’Halloran for this workshop that will give you time. tools and guidance to think meaningfully about – and take action towards – work that works for you.


Friday afternoon Magic Wizardry show

Mario Morris opening Magical Wizard show is one for the whole family and will have you both in fits of laughter and spellbound. His Magic Wizardry show is full of audience participation, magical moments and a guaranteed high energy finish!

Saturday evening fireside storytelling

Experience enchantment with Mario Morris, a gifted storyteller who transports you to another time and place with his captivating tales. With his dynamic storytelling style, Mario Morris will captivate all ages and leave them spellbound. 

For more magical entertainment, head over to Lady Vee in the children’s area!

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