Frequently Asked Questions

Three nights camping
Wash stations
Cold showers
Dozens of activities and amazing experiences such as:
Live acts, talks, all kids activities, access to all health and well being classes, including yoga, chigung, breathwork, meditation, all craft workshops (with additional costs eg- of £5 to cover material costs if they are using them) and walks around the beautiful grounds.
Please bring your own cutlery and crockery to eat and drink with, because we always strive to be as eco as possible. There are cleaning and wash stations provided for such items.
Food is not included, however we are offering a separate food ticket.
Sauna is not included
Hot showers are not included
A few craft workshops ask for additional money to cover costs
In terms of showers and sauna, an additional pass must be bought to cover these costs.
We are offering food tickets, separate to the festival ticket.
We will be preparing delicious vegan meals throughout the weekend from our caterers to be announced.
The food ticket will include supper on Friday, plus lunch on and supper on Saturday, and lunch and supper on Sunday. 5 full meals! Meal times are a great chance to make connections, and share in great conversations and food together. This is an opportunity for you to relax, not think about cooking and enjoy the festival.
Child Tickets cover 5 to 10 years. Youth tickets cover 11 to 17 years. They can only enter the site with an accompanying adult.
The accompanying adult will be the designated guardian for the health, safety and well-being of the child/children during the whole festival. We will ask for the name and contact number of the accompanying adult, so that in the case of a lost child, or emergency we can contact them as soon as possible.
Youth are only allowed to camp and stay with their parents or guardians on-site and will not be allowed to stay or camp alone. 
Under 5s enter for free.
All child and youth must be supervised at all times by the parent or designated guardian.

Lost Children
We have a welfare area at the Coed Office (signposted next to main barn) for any lost children. You must go directly to the welfare area if you are missing a child.
We have specific areas dedicated to the education and entertainment of young people. In particular the forest school area.
These areas will be staffed at all times during workshop hours by appropriately trained people who have current DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks. All children and youth must be accompanied by a designated guardian. The designated guardian must know the parents of the child/youth personally.
We are requesting that you take what ever litter you bring on site back home with you as we are a zero waste site. No recycling, or land fill collections will be taking place at this festival for a number of reasons. This is firstly to raise awareness about waste in general, and more importantly, we only have a very limited number of wheely-bins provided by the council which are all reserved for the waste of the caterers and the community who live on site.

As a community we are trying to live lightly on the land and minimize our environmental impact. Our aim is to make this festival as waste-free as possible. You can help us by bringing your own cups, cutlery and a bin liner to take any recyclables and waste home.
We challenge you to be plastic free this weekend!
We water access taps for drinking water all around the site, and we have a filtered tap for drinking water in the barn as well, so please bring your reusable drinking bottle.
There is a sauna onsite that will be lit throughout the festival. You can purchase a sauna ticket separately on the day. This gives access to a plunge pool and hot shower.
Sauna rules:
  • Shower before entering the sauna
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult
  • Please bring and sit on your own towel in the sauna
  • No glassware or alcohol is permitted in the sauna building
  • We reserve the right to refuse your entry if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Please be considerate with the amount of water you use for your showers.
We have created a natural reed system for all our waste water outlets, so please ensure that the products you use are fully biodegradable.
There are compost toilets across site. These are only for poops or pees! Please do not put any non biodegradable products into them, including any feminine hygiene products.
Throughout the site there will also be hay bale urinal stations.
Please follow the countryside code – keep gates closed when you go for a wander.
There are fields with cows and wild ponies on our land, and whilst these are dearly loved, they are not wanted in the festival main grounds.
Don’t forget your items! Before you leave please check that you haven’t left anything behind.
There is no lost property service and any item left will be donated to charity.
We want to ensure that everyone is safe and also want to preserve the natural meadow and ecosystem, so BBQ’s or camp fires are not permitted.
Whilst we don’t want to dampen the spirit of the party by making this an alcohol free gathering, we want to remind you that this is a family friendly community festival, so we ask that if you want to drink alcohol, you drink modestly, and only in the evenings, mindful of others who may not be drinking, and be aware that there may be those present who are in recovery. We want this to be a conscious festival.
Animals (except Guide dogs) are not permitted into the Festival or campsite.
Cars are not allowed onto the campsite. The car park is next to the camping field so you will have no difficulties getting your luggage to where you will be camping!
Campervans, Caravans and Motorhomes are allowed on the Campsite with a separate ticket. You can buy that here.
Our campsite opens at 11am on Friday 16th June and closes at 11am on Monday 19th June.
Camping is included in the ticket price.
Please honour your neighbours and keep any late night noises in the main events space or the stone circle field so as to not disturb those around you.
Please be respectful to other campers, and their potential need for space and boundaries.
Tents must be pitched a responsible distance away from neighbouring tents.
Fireworks, generators, glass containers, drones, potential weapons, portable laser equipment including laser pens or any illegal or offensive items or substances are not permitted in these fields and can be confiscated.
All items are brought and left at your own risk.
You are allowed to bring your own supply of food into the campsite and festival for personal consumption only.
The meals provided by our onsite caterers throughout the weekend are vegetarian and vegan.
You are permitted to cook solely within the campsite on a gas stove. No open fires.
If you would like a full copy of our Terms & Conditions please find them at the bottom of this page.
We are family friendly. Under 5’s can come for Free, 5 -10 years on a child ticket, and 11 -15 year olds on a youth ticket.
All available through the booking page.
Under 21’s will not have access to the constellations workshops.
We may ask to see ID’s to verify ages of under 15’s and that of under 21’s.
Bring your own cup, bowl, plate and spoon!
Check the weather forecast before you pack to get a sense of the weather. This will determine whether you need sun cream or a rain coat – if in doubt bring both.
You are more than welcome to bring instruments, especially as we are holding an open mic on the Sunday. Bring a song to share!
Please bring money to support our onsite caterers, and also our locally made on-site community snacks and beverages – you can expect plenty of cider, chai, elderflower champagne and kombucha!
Bring towels for showering and especially the sauna.
Please bring a bag o’ patience. Queues can be great places to make friends!
Bring cash. Food tickets can be bought online prior to save money.
If you cancel your ticket before 23rd March 2024, we will refund your order in full.
If you cancel your ticket between 23rd March – 1st of May 2024, you can receive a 50% refund of your Order or a free ticket name change.
If you cancel your ticket after 1st May 2024 we cannot refund any of the Order value but we will offer a free ticket name change.