Coed Ffest Food

Our menu is here!

5 full meals throughout the weekend:

*All the meals are catered for Dairy free, Gluten free with a few dairy options
*Most of the ingredients are sourced locally and organic and reflect the seasonal availability from the land
*The ingredients may change in some of the meals to respond to what is abundantly in season
*All meals are child friendly and there will always be boiled eggs and avocados as a simple
alternative to add to the salads or rice etc for children

Friday Evening menu

Fragrant, deeply spicy (not too hot) vegetable Jalfrezi Curry –

made with fresh cinnamon bark, star anise, cumin seed, ginger, turmeric and chillies. With tofu and cashew nuts

Brown basmati rice

Fresh mango chutney

Lime pickle

Raw cabbage, radish ‘kimchi’ salad – this helps the body to digest tofu

Tomato, red onion and coriander salad

Coconut & date chutney

Naan breads

Saturday Lunch menu

Fresh tomato and basil soup – with a hint of sweet paprika and fresh orange zest

served with Crusty garlic croutons and or freshly made bread

Seasonal new potatoes with fresh mint, parsley, mustard cress, and extra virgin olive oil (optional organic grass fed welsh butter)

Yoghurt Tzatziki dip with olives, capers and fresh mint and dill (vegan coconut yoghurt alternative)

Mixed green salad with Coed hills freshly grown leaves, flowers and herbs

Saturday Evening menu

Risotto of mixed ‘tarragon’ roasted mushrooms, lemon roasted seasonal fennel

Brown rice for a nutty taste and texture.

Parmesan cheese and a vegan ‘Gomasio’ alternative (toasted sesame seeds blended with salt)

Fresh nettle, wild garlic and walnut vegan pesto

Grated beetroot, carrot, apple salad with toasted seeds – sweet and earthy

Mixed green salad with rocket, mizuna, mibuna spicy leaves ‘Coed hills’ fresh salad with a balsamic dressing

Sunday Lunch menu

Hearty squash, corn and fresh dill chowder – vegan

A selection of locally made breads

Green bean and courgette salad with olives and capers with cherry tomatoes and lemon garlic dressing

Watermelon, vegan feta, cucumber and mint salad (optional sheep’s milk feta cheese)

Mixed green leaf, herb and flower salad

Sunday Evening menu

Brazilian night’ – (think Mexican night with wraps and dips…)

‘Feijoada’ – Delicious Brazilian black beans

White basmati rice

Tortilla wraps – gluten free option

Guacamole dip

Sour cream and herbs – with vegan crème fraiche alternative

Tomato chilli salsa

Grated cheese and vegan cheese

Mixed leafy green salad with dressing

Tortilla chips

This Coed Ffest menu is offered and created by Leanda Thomas


The cost of a full weekend meal ticket is £50
Our vision is that we all can eat together, crew, performers and everyone attending, hence we have done our very best to make this as affordable as possible to everyone. The food will be stunning, nourishing and delicious…
& shared food is a great way to connect. Please support us in our vision by purchasing food tickets available here from Snappy Tickets: the last ticket entry
There will be a limited number of meals available on site to purchase at a slightly higher price.
We kindly ask those that are planning to eat with us to prebook your food ticket no later than 3 weeks before the event.

Other delicious treats on-site besides the food ticket…

Coed Cake & Coffee Corner

Bring your cups to this corner at the main barn to grab that morning cup o’ Joe or herbal tea. Indulge and replenish with delicious energy balls, cakes and refreshing kefir, kombucha, lassie or lemonade…

Ice-Cream Bike Stall

Lance Edwards will be providing handmade ice cream which has been made and stored using solar energy. The ice creams are packed into eco pots with compostable lids and spoons, and come in a variety of dairy free options including raspberry ripple, peanut butter and chocolate. All sold from a trike bike!