Land Based Performance

Fay Burnett and Branwen Clay will bringing you a collaborative performance with Gizzy.

Horse Dance 

Developed from Coed Ffest 2023, Branwen and Fay’s performance will explore connection and communication between ourselves and Gizzy, our equine collaborator. It will take the form of a dance, between humans and horse.
This will be followed by a workshop where participants will engage in exercises in attuning to space, to ourselves and each-other. This is in relation to the sensory-skills needed in understanding connection to horses, the senses of a horse, to ourselves, each-other and the world we live in.

Fay Burnett

Fay was brought to Coed through her sculpture. Her Pylon installation can be found down by the lake!. She came to do an artist residency and felt her creative spirit come alive. Loving the land, she stayed a bit longer and her relationship with Coed is rooted in art, land and community. She has collaborated with Coed family in nourishment of Coed’s artistic heart. Fay helped co-create Coed Roots & Legends, a performance art festival in 2019 which was the manifestation of many wonderful land based performances.
Continuing this energy, at Coed Ffest she will facilitate a performance trail through the woods, featuring some fantastic artists and herself.