Come and celebrate the Summer Solstice at Coed and enjoy the abundance from the land, for learning and sharing knowledge about growing, traditional crafts, restore your vitality, find healing in nature and community, and to perform, dance and simply be together.

Coed Ffest 2023 is the premier of a unique mini festival, a camp style gathering in the beautiful location of Coed Hills, South Wales. From awesome music acts, poetry readings, performance, permaculture walks and talks, healing workshops and amazing food this festival will bring you the very best we have to offer.

This gathering of diverse souls is supported by the Coed Community who live on site, and the land so lovingly tended over the past 20+ years since the community’s inception. Set in over 180 acres of unspoilt woodland and rolling meadows for you to explore, with expansive community gardens, a forest garden and orchards, this venue is the perfect place for exploring how small intimate gatherings can be deeply nurturing, healing experiences, regenerative and low impact, and a lot of fun!