Kids Workshops

We will be hosting a range of kids workshops, including…


Saturday 1pm- Balloons and story telling (1 hr)

Join Veronica Morris for balloon-twisting fun! She creates fun balloon creations and children can join in her balloon-making workshop and storytelling session in the children’s area.

Sunday 1pm- Circus skills workshop (90 mins)

Come along and see Lady Vee and Mario for a fun balloons workshop and a chance to play with lots of circus toys – hula hoops, juggling balls, spinning plates and more!


There will a series of Bushcraft workshops in the woodland classroom.

Here you can expect shelter building, fire craft, safe water, cooking over open fires, and survivalist minimalist kits. There are also fairy gardens for kids (and adults!) to explore.

These workshops will be held by our resourceful resident Barry, Andrew and Forest school leader Russ.


Weave your own woven willow creation with Nancy!


Express your inner animals and style with fabulous face paints in the crafting space with Clara.


We have the wonderful Cath Little coming to share her stories, from Wales

Glamorgan Folk Tales
Come and listen to Cath share traditional, local stories and hear how she
gathered these wonderful old treasures for her book – Glamorgan Folk Tales
for Children
Hear them and pass them on!
Glamorgan Folk Tales for Children – The History Press

Story Walk
Let’s walk the land together and hear stories and songs from the nature all
around us. Tales from the flowers and the trees, the birds, the beasts and the


“Mesmerising mythic stories from a wonderful Welsh storyteller”
Cardiff Storyteller and Singer Cath Little has “rough magic” in her voice, and in her
words “the gift of the story comes through.” She has a strong belief in the power
of traditional stories to connect us to one another, to the land, and to the people
who once lived here. Cath is passionate about sharing the ancient British wonder
tales of The Mabinogion.
Cath helps run the Cardiff Storytelling Circle and curate their seasonal concerts,
Tales for the Turning Year. She tells and listens to stories at Oasis, a Cardiff Charity
which offers a warm Welsh welcome to refugees and asylum seekers.
Cath keeps busy sharing stories in schools, libraries, museums, castles, cafes and
fields. She has performed at clubs and festivals across Britain and Ireland and is
the author of Glamorgan Folk Tales for Children.