Forest Garden

The two acre Forest Garden at Coed will be where the Land based workshops are hosted.

Our Forest Garden comprises of dozens of fruit trees, vegetables, perennial and annual herbs, and over 30 hives of honey bees.

Wild food walks will be held over the weekend and inspiring talks about how to design, make a forest garden and forage food.

We will be incorporating food from the gardens into the main meals our caterer Leanda Thomas will be making, so be sure to

book your food ticket for this!

The Forest Garden’s Story

In our forest garden we mix plants in such a way that mimics the structure of a natural forest. This is the most stable and sustainable type of ecosystem in our Welsh climate.

The Forest Garden provides a year round supply of food for honey bees that in turn pollinate the plants as part of the ‘closed loop’ approach. Fruit, vegetables and herbs are produced and harvested along with honey. This system is biologically sustainable, resilient to disturbances such as climate change, productive, and a habitat for lots of wildlife.

If you’re interested to learn more about this approach, be sure to head to our how to grow a Forest Garden talk!