Mario Morris Magic

Mario Morris Magic

Mario has developed  this passion and learnt his craft on the Street, Sideshow and Bizarre Magic settings. For over three decades he has performed all over the World From open air, stages to fire circles.

He known for his Wizardry practices and performances in Avalon, Glastonbury Town and festival. Holder of the Merlin Magician Award of Wales, Founder of Magic Wizardry and often performs at community gatherings, Provides indepth Tarot card readings and conducts sacred circle and healing work.

His Magic Wizardry show is full of audience participation, magical moments and a guaranteed high energy finish with the audience clapping and cheering at his finale.

Experience enchantment with Mario Morris, a gifted storyteller who transports you to another time and place with his captivating tales. With his dynamic storytelling style, Mario Morris will captivate all ages and leave them spellbound. 


Balloon and Storytelling  – Veronica Morris 

Veronica is a  talented balloon artist and storyteller. She tells her stories alongside her balloon twisting and also writes stories for adults. 

Veronica has been captivating audiences of all ages since 2007. Her Scottish charm and expert balloon twisting skills bring a smile to all. She has been sharing her unique talent with festivals and cities worldwide for many years. Come and join her for balloons and storytelling. 

Veronica is co-founder of Magic Wizardry along with Mario Morris and creates magical self-delvelopment events. She is an intuitive reader of Tarot Cards, coach and TEFL teacher. She is currently writing a magical time travel novel and book on Tarot.  

Come along and join Lady Vee and Mario for a fun balloons workshop and a chance to play with lots of circus toys – hula hoops, juggling balls, spinning plates and more!

Our connection to Coed

Our connection with Coed began in the Spring of 2018 when we first visited the community and its beautiful land. 

Everything changed in March 2020 when lockdown forced us to leave our home. We reached out to Rawley and the community and asked if we could bring our caravan to Coed as where we were living in Glastonbury was closing down due to lockdown, and thankfully, they welcomed us with open arms. 

We spent the next six months living at Coed, volunteering, and becoming part of the tribe. It was an unforgettable experience that changed our lives forever.

During our time at Coed, we learned invaluable skills such as preparing land for planting, building a straw bale house, and making cob. We formed lifelong friendships, and within six months of leaving, we were inspired and healthier than ever before. In fact, due to a life-changing experience in Spain, we went on to build our own straw bale and cob house in the mountains of Andalusia. Currently, this house is being lived in by writers and artists, looking after it for us until we return. 

We are thrilled to be part of Coed Fest and can’t wait to meet you all. Join us in celebrating the magic of Coed and the incredible community it brings together.