Daf St Clair

My name is Daf, and I work as a mentor & facilitator with groups and individuals, using systemic family constellations, shamanic work & creativity to enable people to connect with their deepest potential and the resources of the ancestors. 

I’m very excited to be offering some Family Constellations sessions at the Coed Festival, with my dear friend and long time collaborator, Rich Buckworth. 

Discovering this work ten years ago was life changing for me, completely shifting my perception of & allowing me to transform, the relationships that I had with my family or origin, children, partnerships, friends, work relationships and most of all the relationship with myself! 

It is a resource I use regularly to guide me through life’s ups and downs; and my relationship with myself and my work is ever changing. 

I look forward to meeting you at Coed. I know we will all have a great deal of fun.