Emma Money-Kyrle

Emma will be offering Qi Gong classes during the ffest.

Emma has been practicing Qigong for over 18 years, it has been a huge part of her journey of self discovery, gently guiding her in the power of the breath, movement and presence. Her teaching is greatly inspired by the earth energies that surround us, our connection to heaven and earth and all the elements of life. In this morning practice we will use an active warm up to open and release stuck or heavy energy or Qi from your body, making space for the fresh, bright life force energy to flow with ease. Allowing us to drop into a natural expanded state, where we can access our own innate health and vitality. Leaving us feeling lighter, calmer and more connected to all of life. Qigong means “To Nourish Life” bringing us home to ourselves, into the present moment, where we can re-set, rest and enjoy the precious now!