Aleh Ferreira

Aleh Ferreira is a Singer and Songwriter.

His music originates in the crib of Afro-Brazilian culture. Son of a priestess of Umbanda his musical inspiration comes from the drums and melodies of the “terreiro” that gave birth to Samba and influenced modern music. Brazilian singer-songwriter Aleh Ferreira, best known as the frontman of legendary Brazilian funk band “Banda Black Rio”. His warm, distinctive voice, samba-funk fusion grooves and lyrics that celebrate Afro-Brazilian heritage have earned him a career spanning three decades across the globe. Having also shared the stage with the likes of Ed Motta, Seu Jorge and Daniela Mercury and earning an assortment of national and international awards for his work as a performer but also as a soundtrack composer for the Cinema and TV and producer, Aleh is one of the most prominent contemporary musical figures of “Musica Popular Brasileira/ MPB” (Brazilian Popular Music) in the diaspora.

Aleh will be playing with a drummer, yet to be confirmed, and George Fogel:

George Fogel is a pianist from London. He spent a decade active on the UK jazz scene playing in many settings, including touring with MOBO award-winning jazz ensemble Empirical. A spiritual emergence happened through extensive travels in Asia and the Americas, and alongside training as a Kundalini Yoga teacher. With a particular leaning towards Afro-Brazilian music, surrounding a long-standing collaboration with Aleh Ferreira, George brings his soulful music into a diverse range of modalities and environments, including medicine spaces, healing arts settings, and supporting a deepening connection to nature.