Owen Shiers

Photo Credit: cynefinmusic.wales

We are so happy to announce that Owen will be joining us again, this time with new material to perform from his Dilyn Afon album.

‘Cynefin’ (pr. kuh-neh-vin) is the creative vision of West Wales native Owen Shiers. Fascinated by music and history, it is a bid to give a modern voice to Ceredigion’s rich yet neglected cultural heritage. Starting out from his home village of Capel Dewi in the Clettwr Valley and traveling through the local musical landscape, Owen unearths seasoned songs and stories, some never before recorded, and gives them new life in the present.
Nominated for three awards at the Welsh Folk Awards 2023, Cynefin gives Owen a platform to ply his intricate arranging skills whilst taking him right back to his roots.
So what does ‘cynefin’ (pr.’kuh-neh-vin’) mean?
The word ‘cynefin’ itself is swaddled in layers of meaning – a Welsh noun with no direct equivalent in English, its origins lie in a farming term used to describe the habitual tracks and trails worn by animals in hillsides. The word has since morphed and deepened to conjure a very personal sense of place, belonging and familiarity. The artist Kyffin Williams describes it as:
‘that relationship: the place of your birth and of your upbringing, the environment in which you live and to which you are naturally acclimatised.’

To find out more about Owen’s music go to https://cynefinmusic.wales/