The Skep Kollective

The Skep Kollective will be bringing something quite unique and special to Coed Ffest this year! A restoration of harmony: a healing ceremony in the dark.

This work will be held and facilitated by Olga and Anais, both trainees on the The Way of the Melissae through the Sacred Trust.

Although subtle, this can be a deeply potent work. Please be mindful of deep transformation that can occur. Tune in and feel in your body whether this will serve you right now. And if you feel a resounding yes, let your body bring you to us for the magic to take place!

This sacred work will take place in semi darkness with use of smoked herbs such as sage, mugwort, rosemary, bay leave. Please be okay with this. To preserve integrity of this work, please be sober, under no influence of alcohol or any drugs. We expect everyone to be responsible for their own wellbeing and state.

Maximum 12 people, first come first served.

Friday, 11pm – 1am.