Herbs with Aimée Lormand

Medicinal Herb Walk:

An opportunity to take a guided walk around Coed’s established forest garden – rich in medicinal herbs and trees, we will explore the edible and medicinal virtues of these important and special plants. Guided by Aimée, a trained medical herbalist and grower – there will be chances to taste, touch and smell the herbs and space to learn from the groups collective plant wisdom.

Herbal Nervous System Health workshop:

In this workshop Aimée will explain ways in which herbs can be used to sooth, regulate, and restore our nervous systems during times of stress and dis-regulation. This workshop will involve learning about the different branches of the autonomic nervous system, techniques we can use to bring our bodies and minds back into balance and sensorially explore some key herb allies through guided tastings. Please bring a cup with you to the workshop!