Kakaw (Cacao) Ritual

Sacred Kakaw & Harmonising Sound Journey

Kakaw is a Mayan spelling of cacao. It means double fire.
Opening with a Kakaw Ritual, a meditation and exercise to move with the kakaw spirit, then flowing into a long sound journey to relax into expansive awareness and rejuvenate on a cellular level.
Instruments include a Chiron gong, crystal singing bowls, handpan, kora, various drums, bansuri and native American flutes, celtic whistle, voice, chimes, guitar and more.
The kakaw we will be communing with comes from a small organic plantation in the ancient Lacandona jungle of Chiapas, Mexico, where it is lovingly tended by a Mayan family and prepared by hand with the intention for it to be shared ceremonially.
Kakaw opens the heart, connecting us to the ancestral wisdom in our blood, to our sensuous creativity and inspiration, and to the unseen realms. She is a grandmother plant for bringing about equilibrium and elemental connection, for supporting emotional expression, illuminating the shadows, and celebrating the bliss of existence.
Arjun and Annabelle’s collaborative offerings include kundalini yoga with live music, kakaw ceremonies and all-night sound journeys with dream elixirs.