Sarah Jay

Sarah Jay has a diverse career as a music practitioner. She is a platinum
award winning session singer/songwriter, vocal, song writing and
performance coach with various universities and institutes. Her career
spans forty years.

Sarah’s passion for sharing her wealth of experience from a place of
authenticity and integrity is contagious, fun, grounded, and informed. She is
qualified with the Yoga for Health Foundation and shares her wealth of
knowledge and experience in the profound benefits in Singing for
Wellbeing and Embodied Voice Work to promote Sound Health, to help
instill integrity and confidence and to give your voice wings.

About Sarah’s workshops:

Sound has the power to re-connect us to a place of wholeness, alive
awareness, confidence, through discovering our authentic voice we can
arrive at a place of peace.

The practice of Nada Yoga enables us to use sound to move more freely
from ordinary states of being into a heightened state of awareness. The
ability to do this is in all of us. It’s our “factory setting”, Sarah will help you
‘turn this on and tune in’.

Sarah Jays’ Embodied Voice workshops are immersive and wholesome,
enlivening and connective, fun and empowering.

Using gentle movement, toning, intuitive harmonising, and playful circle
singing, we move from externalisation to internalisation, where a feeling of
peace, presence and alive awareness can grow.

Focusing our attention through a series of awakening exercises brings us to
the centre of the brain and enables us to connect to who we are and what is
happening in the moment. Moving from an over thinking process to an
intuitive feeling process.

The voice is a powerful and free tool we can use to guide us in our life, a
loyal mirror to our inner reality.

Developing a present, authentic connection to our voice, ripples out to
others and brings more joy and authenticity into our being.

No singing experience needed. Come and make some noise and have loads
of fun. 